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For Our Scholars:
Info on how to receive your scholarship funds

Scholarship Payments
  • Two-year awards paid one semester at a time

  • Student must be enrolled full time and continue to demonstrate financial need

  • Award is paid directly to the school, not to the student

Scholarship Coordinator
  • Each student is assigned a scholarship coordinator

  • Your scholarship coordinator is your point of contact for everything related to the award

  • Keep in touch with your coordinator; let them know any change of plans (transferring schools, semester off) or change of contact information.

The Payment Process
  • Around July 1st, you will receive an email from your scholarship coordinator explaining the process

  • Submit to your scholarship coordinator any missing information noted

  • Submit tuition bill to your scholarship coordinator as soon as it’s available

  • Upon receipt of the tuition bill, the SAF treasurer will send a check to the school in about 2 weeks

  • This process repeats each semester over the period of your award


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If you have any questions related to your award, contact your assigned scholarship coordinator.
If you don't know who to contact, reach out to our VP of Scholarships at:

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